Prepare to be surprised

Anyone who has been in the entertainment industry for any time at all, is continually asked by young aspiring media makers, “How do I get started in the biz?”  Good and complex question.  But to give them a short answer…afterall, time is comedy…I adapt the last line from the film “Dan In Real Life” (the film’s line is “Planned to be surprised).  I tell them, “PREPARE TO BE SURPRISED!”  PREPARE – develop your projects, learn your craft, hone your skills, utilize your talents, follow up any leads that come your way, and (!!! – that’s 3 exclamation points for emphasis) build your network.  BE SURPRISED – God will surprise you.  I have found this in my life and career so often I can hardly remember all of them.  If you are faithful to the work that God has called you to, then God is faithful to bring opportunity for you to fulfill that call.

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