Original Monty Python REUNITES

When I first saw Monty Pythomonty-python Todayn back in the early 70’s, I saw comedy in a whole new, absurdist, irreverent light.  In many ways, Python brought to comedy, much of what the Beatles brought to music.  To this day, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” remains one of my favorite films of all time…certainly one of the most quotable.  While I primarily would disagree with their worldviews, in my work with Isaac Air Freight, I often tried to emulate the way they would shine a light on the foolishness and absurdity of some of culture’s values.  But not coming from a place of arrogance or superiority, but of inclusiveness; that I’m just a foolish.  The only true wisdom comes from above.

Today, my favorite comedy group, announced they’re reuniting…and the people Rejoiced!!! Wonder when asked, why they were getting back together, if they answered, “I’m not dead yet.”

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