NOAH: To See or Not To See

NOahI’ve been approached by a number of people wondering if they should see the new film NOAH or not. The mere asking of the question tells me that the film is already meeting a bit of its purpose…to get people talking. Hopefully those outside of the church will find it as compelling and thought-provoking as those of us inside the church.  In addressing this question, I believe that first and foremost,  believers should follow their convictions before the Lord. If you feel that this film might be offensive or a compromised approach to the inherent Word of God, I would highly recommend that you avoid this film.

My hope is that this film would provide the Christian community a wonderful opportunity to engage in a cultural conversation about a Biblical account (possibly liberal take) that brings up issues such as the nature of God, judgement, sin and redemption. If family, friends or co-workers are talking about it, shouldn’t the people of God be part of that discussion?  Whatever approach you chose to take, I would strongly urge that any criticism be based upon informed (ie. actually seeing the film) opinions.

For those of you who are curious, skeptical or concerned about the film “Noah” might want to watch this film done by my friend Phil Cooke, capsulizing what many Christian leaders (who have actually seen the film) are saying.

NOAH: What Christian Leaders Are Saying




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